Our Story

MuuYee, or ant in Konkani, stands for a philosophy of creating in a community, with care for the maker, the user and the earth.

MuuYee, or ant in Konkani, stands for a philosophy of creating in a community, with care for the maker, the user and the earth. Like ants that collect discarded food, we collect the earth’s refuse and repurpose it into something useful and delightful. As the MuuYee teaches us – you can never be too small to make a difference!

We are looking back in time to borrow from slow & sustainable ways of creating. Thus like the good old days, we have adopted practices like hand dyeing with organic ingredients, using only natural fiber, preserving indigenous handicrafts and retelling stories that are slowly fading.

MuuYee seeks inspiration in the natural world and its innumerable forms and colours. We turn to native stories and folklore for timeless wisdom. And when we exhaust our imaginations, we turn to children who not only make for a fascinating audience but also inspire us by constantly reinventing the world around them. We celebrate their freedom, playfulness and creativity. Likewise, Muuyee playmates and garments are unrestricted by gender or age, for anyone with a wild imagination!

We invite you to explore this world that lies at the intersection of story, craft, play and design, and discover your own path through its leaves, pods, flowers and tails!



Muuyee clothes are a beautiful amalgamation of conscious clothing and soft comfort. Children like the ease of wear and the whimsical motifs. This shirt and the trouser made my son feel both. Surely makes both mum and son happy.



This batik kurta has a very special smart cut to it. Sanvi looked so cute in it. The feel of the fabric against the skin is something really nice. I knew she was at ease and completely comfortable. She could run and jump around freely in it.


We are a group of earth-friendly explorers who play different parts. We are as age-less as the stories we want to tell: the children who inspire us with boundless creativity, the ecologists who provide scientific research, the designers who reinterpret them as storytellers and skilled artisans who handcraft these tales with traditional wisdom. The stories and crafts finally come back to our little friends who include them in worlds of their own making. Scattered across geographies and languages, MuuYees come together for the love of discovering, creating and reinventing for a happy planet.

We, at MuuYee

Shweta Pai, Founder & Creative Director

Shweta created MuuYee with a vision to give everyday life a sustainable makeover. As a textile & toy designer she discovered the lasting joy of making wiser choices by using earth-friendly material and colours and propagates the same through her brand. She has chosen the children of the world as her ambassadors as their sensitivity & playfulness resonate her own spirit.

With the support of her family & friends, Shweta started building the brand in 2017 from her years of travelling & handpicking like-minded artisans and organisations.

Aranya Naturals & Sasha

A Tata Tea venture that supports the livelihood of differently abled dyers & Shibori artists. Aranya, located in Munnar give patterns and colours to MuuYee textiles with their botanical dyes & exquisite dying skills.

Sasha is a self-help handicraft collective from Calcutta, Sasha is home to craftpeople with many skills such as block printing, toy and accessory making, weaving & Kantha embroidery. They give form to MuuYee dreams and are the artists behind MuuYee accessories & playmates.


Eco Avid, Studio Basic, Blank Studio, Karnataka Sarvodhaya Sangha, Divya Runwal & Malvika Tewari are other organizations and individuals who have lent their skills in bringing together the MuuYee range of products guided by Shweta’s artwork and vision for a world of children that embraces the earth and it’s gifts.