MuuYee, or ant in Konkani, stands for a philosophy of creating in a community, with care for the maker, the user and the earth. Like ants that collect discarded food, we collect the earth’s refuse and repurpose it into something useful and delightful. As the MuuYee teaches us – you can never be too small to make a difference!

We are looking back in time to borrow from slow & sustainable ways of creating. Thus like the good old days, we have adopted practices like hand dyeing with organic ingredients, using only natural fiber, preserving indigenous handicrafts and retelling stories that are slowly fading.

MuuYee seeks inspiration in the natural world and its innumerable forms and colours. We turn to native stories and folklore for timeless wisdom. And when we exhaust our imaginations, we turn to children who not only make for a fascinating audience but also inspire us by constantly reinventing the world around them. We celebrate their freedom, playfulness and creativity. Likewise, Muuyee playmates and garments are unrestricted by gender or age, for anyone with a wild imagination!

We invite you to explore this world that lies at the intersection of story, craft, play and design, and discover your own path through its leaves, pods, flowers and tails!