The Circle of Life:

MuuYee products undergo some very unique processes. We’re building a movement towards slow creation and slow consumption that appreciates all that is handmade. In our practice, we abandon wasteful ways and question what could be a sustainable technique or material to replace them with. The cloth we choose for you is made from the finest quality natural fibre. To dye it, we use the joy of botanical colours like dried pomegranate peel, fallen wild leaves, pods, flowers and madder root. We collaborate with highly skilled artisans to explore a treasure of traditional craft forms such as resist dying, block printing and hand embroidery. Bandhej (India) & Shibori (Japan) are resist dying techniques in which we pleat, stitch, pluck & twist the cloth. Kantha embroidery (West Bengal) is used to stitch narratives and textures to the cloth. The fabric is finally tailored to produce zero waste. Once the product completes its lifetime, it can disintegrate naturally, without hurting the earth or leaving a trace.