Our playmates are stitched from cloth dyed in botanical colours. Like ants, we collect the smallest scraps and give them a use. Unrestricted by gender and age, these playmates are for anyone with a wild imagination.The elusive Lion Tailed Macaque, the baffling Fishing Cat and the rare and comical Purple Frog are only a few of the creatures that inhabit the MuuYee world.

Purple Frog with Dots Art

Textile Art

Muuyee Textile Art celebrates the spots and stripes of shy forest creatures through skillful stitches and hand dying in botanical colours. The textures and forms are brought to life on cloth using myriad Shibori techniques. The rich colours comes from the goodness of fallen wild leaves, kasmi, indigo and madder twigs.


Our wearables are made of natural fibers and coloured with withered plant wonders, to give the rich hues. The patterns and motifs are created using ancient Shibori and Bandhej techniques. Carefree and unrestricted by gender or occasion, they are for anyone with a wild imagination. You may discover shy forest creatures on your pocket. Tailored for your comfort - wear them to a party, at play or to sleep. Fill the pockets with all your findings.