Blues & Beetles Toys

Blues and Beetles is a sail through different hues of natural indigos on soft handloom textiles and meeting the most colorful decomposers of the natural world, the Beetles.

Our forms are inspired by some fantastic native species like the leaf beetles, jewel beetles among many others.

It's beautiful to see them co exist with humans by making homes on trees and other urban spaces and this collection is an attempt at loving looking at them and respecting their habitats which are as precious as ours.

To break away from the fear or the creepiness associated with insects.

This collection also is a celebration of a magical natural hue that comes from green leaves, Indigofera tinctoria.
We have played with different hues of blues throughout the collection, exploring the possibilities nature holds.

We have brought this together with basic and easy wearables and Do your beetle playmates and a giant beetle pillow too.

By giving them a place in your home, you are retelling the story of protecting, celebrating & cohabiting with the natural world and its wonders.