Why Animals?

Why Animals?

The natural world is constantly depleting and threatened due to human intervention.

A lot of animals that are around today maynot be seen by a lot of children in future.

There is a need to document them and to retell their stories.

With this thought as a driver, I started pulling out tails of the lesser known and endangered animals from our jungles. This process has been enriching with all the interactions with ecologists who had rich research on most of these creatures.

Lion tailed macaque , the whistling thrush bird, Purple frog, Stone Sucker fish, Dung Beetle, Jungle Cat, cane turtle and draco are in our feature in this time and we wish to continue to make our list bigger.

A quote I read “The lesser one expects, the more the jungle surprises you”

A forest is full of layers at different levels. It holds surprises and urges anyone to think wild. How at every level there was a creature in its cozy home.

Underground lives our burrowing friend , the purple frog. Tree tops was the home of the arboreal champ the LTM. It’s fascinating how they have homes in the most unexpected places in the forest. Their home is constantly shrinking and human intervention as we all know is the biggest threat to our tailed friends.

Sensitive & mindful decisions can still let them roam freely in their kingdoms/ home, the Jungle.

With this thought the story of TAILS FROM FAR FAR AWAY WAS BORN again with soulful writing by Malvika Tewari.

The stories of the environment seemed to come together with art and design.

The need for these narratives to be translated in new forms became my goal.