What was on my mind ?

I came with multiple interests and inspiration on the table.

Children, textiles, craft, native stories, nature and play.

The biggest epiphany as a new mother was to live more consciously and to create more meaningfully as a designer. To be able make the right choices and view the world with more sensitivity is what mattered the most.

It felt natural to combine these into something delightful.

The birth of Muuyee was a juxtaposition of my passion for art and design with my role as a mother and as a facilitator.

  • Slow textiles / Slow Fashion / Slow Living
  • Small is beautiful.
  • The perils of modern living
  • Reduce/ Reuse / Recycle.
  • My role as a designer / Design for change.
  • Environmentally conscious outcomes.
  • Mindfulness and conscious parenting
  • Questioning pace of consumption/ Disposal/ Sustainable & responsible local design.
  • Ethically made/ Fair trade
  • Need to preserve Planet.